What is the name of this software? Who are the providers?

For now, we cannot disclose the name of the software, as the corporation (the providers), we have an agreement with, has not given us the right to disclose their name to the public for certain reasons. However, if you call us or email us, we’d be more than happy to tell you.  All you need to know for now is that there one of the bigger firms in the business, “The big fishes”, and the software is actually a full-featured cloud-based online software that they sell on their own website for thousands of dollars (about $2,500).  The demo (external link) should give you an idea of the software that we’re offering you free of charge.

How is possible for you to offer this software for free? This software normally costs about $2,500!

We are an industry-leading tax service bureau with a very gigantic distribution network and we can reduce the cost of re-seller pricing while still making profits. So, you don’t need to worry about us.

What authority do you have to resell this software? Are you authorized to?

Yes! Definitely! We have obtained a legal licensing contract with the software company, and have been fully authorized and certified with the right to support and distribute this software.  We also maintain a constant contact with the corporate office, such that if at any point, there is any need for them to get involved, it would be without stress. We aim to deliver an unmatched level of customer service, support, and satisfaction to all of our clients, therefore, if at any point, you suddenly develop any problems or challenges with the software, our customer service and support is always available round the clock to support you.

Are you sure this is a free software? Are you sure that I would not be charged some hidden fees later on?

The simple answer to this question is that, if you enroll for this free software before 12/31/19 (31st December 2019), no additional payment info would be requested of you. Neither your credit card number, e-wallet details, nor any other form of payment.  This offer is a risk-free offer, you have nothing to lose.  Give us a call at 800-204-0931 today to enroll for your free software.

I would more details about this free tax software.

Take your time to go through our website to get more information about this software and other partners involved in this program. Like it has been mentioned severally, we offer you this free tax software from one of the biggest companies in the industry; a company, whose identity we’re not bound to reveal until you’re enrolled for the software. Simply put a call through to us at 800-204-0931 and inform the sales representative that you would like to be enrolled in the “i-software incorporated free tax software Program”.  The tax software is absolutely free – there are no additional charges. However, a transmission fee of $49.99, a service Bureau fee of $65.99 and an optional Audit protection membership fee of $49.99 still applies.  Aside from the above listed fees, no other fees are charge; NO e-file fees, NO technology fees.


**Note, addition/deduction of service bureau fee and other fees illegal in certain areas – please check both state and local laws to be sure that you’re breaking any laws.

Also note that the free bank product offer ends 12/31/19.  Be sure to enroll before 12/31/19 to lock-in your free software.

What steps do I have to take to get started?

All you have to do is visit our “Enrollment” page to get started or do well to give us a call at 800-204-0931. You could send us an email at